Bantry Bay


Everything about our process is organic and sustainable. We work with many Sustainability Champions to ensure we are doing all we can to maintain a centuries-old tradition for centuries-forward.


We carry MSC Certification. This is the International Marine Stewardship Council. As part of this collective we make every effort to ensure our oceans remain healthy for future generations. We follow best practice guidelines, as set out by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and ISEAL who set sustainability standards throughout the world. Our distinctive Blue MSC label assures you that what you are buying is sustainable, it is verified independently.


As a proud and verified member of Origin Green, Ireland’s national food sustainability programme, we are committed to the local community and the local environment. We work with forty-one people from around Bantry Bay and we ensure all of our mussel shells are put to good use, crushed and used for nutritious animal feed.


Each and every day, we work with the Marine Institute in Galway. They independently test and monitor the waters of Bantry Bay and ensure the mussels are grown in pure conditions. Mussels naturally benefit the sea environments they live in. Our mussel ropes are made of biodegradable cotton and we recycle our barrels and our ropes.


Our organic Blue Shell Mussels are packed with protein and omega-3. Yet, they carry a tiny .25 CO2-eq/kg edible units compared to meat, which can reach 19 CO2-eq/kg edible units, that’s a 18.75kg lower carbon footprint. For a small shellfish they contribute a huge amount of goodness and offer one of the most sustainable sources of protein on earth.